About Larry

I live in Bandon on the southern Oregon coast and I've been riding for a long, long time, years, decades. We won't go there kiddies but believe me, it's been awhile. During that time I've done most of my riding on the road with occasional off-road forays, most of which were intentional. Some weren't. Until just a couple of years ago I'd never ridden a hack - that's sidecar to those who aren't familiar with the lingo. I figure riding a hack up Alaska's infamous Haul road all the way to Deadhorse should top off my torture tank for quite awhile.

About Mac

Mac hails from Robins, Iowa and has been riding bikes longer than most people have been around. He managed to torture his old BMW past the 100,000 mile mark and presently rides a Yamaha FJR. His newest ride, a 2008 Ural Patrol is waiting on the dealer's highest shelf until the flood waters recede after which they'll assemble it and turn it over to him. The fact that he's heading to Alaska for his first journey on a new rig should tell you all you need to know about him...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 17th - The road to Prince George

Today started out nice and sunny, too warm to wear a jacket so I stuck with my gnarly least offensive T-shirt figuring it would stay hot. Wrong. Ten miles down the road it was time to pull over and gear up. It also seemed like a good time for us to devise a plan to use in case we got separated again. Proved to be worthwhile as that's just what happened later in the day.

In the mean time we enjoyed fair weather riding at our own paces, stopping for pics or just to gawk at the nature stuff. At one point I passed Mac heading north as I rode south to take a shot of a log cabin I'd passed earlier. We waved and I caught up with him a couple of miles down the road taking his own pics. This pretty much describes the rest of our day, not much exciting happened except for two minor events. The first occurred when a black bear started across the road in front of Mac and he had to stand his bike on it's nose to avoid hitting him. Fortunately the bear changed his mind and reversed course back into the woods leaving Mac with a temporarily enlarged heart but none for the worse. Later in the day after we'd hooked up again we were traveling north at a fair clip when two identical monster semi trucks appeared in front of us, one of them in my lane and coming like a bat out of hell. I figured this was not going well and made a rapid stage right onto the shoulder accompanied with maximum 3-wheel brakes. The errant truck-driver-boy-racer dodged his rig back into the lane he was supposed to be in and blasted pass at a speed too high to appreciate the one-digit wave extended to him. Life on the road...

In between the bear and truck episodes the weather turned super nasty and we experienced extreme rain, enough to soak my gear through. Luckily it only lasted for a few miles and then it was on and off at intervals diminishing as we rode further north. Arriving at Prince George around 5:00pm we stopped at the visitor's information center where they located a motel for us. It turned out to be a neat deal as we met four other people traveling like ourselves; two guys just finishing up their bike trip to the haul road and the Top of the World highway. The other two were a recently retired couple driving from Virginia and meandering seeing the sights. Everyone had something to tell and between us we managed to waste enough time that the restaurant we were going to have dinner at closed and we ended up at the DQ across the street. Yummy.

Not many pictures today, just a couple of the restaurant where we ate a late breakfast, the cabin shot and Mac screaming out of a short right-hand twist tunnel. Wot fun.