About Larry

I live in Bandon on the southern Oregon coast and I've been riding for a long, long time, years, decades. We won't go there kiddies but believe me, it's been awhile. During that time I've done most of my riding on the road with occasional off-road forays, most of which were intentional. Some weren't. Until just a couple of years ago I'd never ridden a hack - that's sidecar to those who aren't familiar with the lingo. I figure riding a hack up Alaska's infamous Haul road all the way to Deadhorse should top off my torture tank for quite awhile.

About Mac

Mac hails from Robins, Iowa and has been riding bikes longer than most people have been around. He managed to torture his old BMW past the 100,000 mile mark and presently rides a Yamaha FJR. His newest ride, a 2008 Ural Patrol is waiting on the dealer's highest shelf until the flood waters recede after which they'll assemble it and turn it over to him. The fact that he's heading to Alaska for his first journey on a new rig should tell you all you need to know about him...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3, 2010 It's a sad day today....

No new pics for this post, just a couple of old ones that have been laying around in the archives. Mac just sent an email telling me he's sold Olga today. I'm very sad to hear that as I liked Olga a lot even with her quirky Russian faults. Maybe her new owner will take her to more exotic places like Mac did. My own hack - still nameless after all this time unless "whatsherface" is acceptable - is currently in the care of the local Yamaha dealer who is attempting to chase down an oil leak. If they're successful I'll try for a ride to Inuvik in Canada's Northwest Territories later this coming summer (2010). Before that I've got a ride to TN via AZ on Red Dog Scooter, my latest fashion statement...


Mac on Olga somewhere in Alaska

Larry on whatsherface somewhere in Alaska

Thanks for following our blog everyone! We had a great ride.

Larry & Mac